Like a fine wine you get better with age. Every year, you are more patient and more kind.
Thank you for a fantastic summer.

We would like to thank you for giving Lyndsey a wonderful 1st time camp experience. She thoroughly enjoyed herself. You and your staff are amazing. We don’t know how you all do it!!! We totally admire all of you and your patience. Save Lyndsey a seat on next years bus !!! Thank you again. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Stay well.

My name is Renarta Mentis, and my sons name is Christian Edwards in the beginning when he said he wanted to try a different place I was very skeptical about having this done, as for all the things that you hear on news. The last provider that I had for my son he was attending since he was a year. I was very comfortable with the service that they provided at the end of last summer my son said he did not want to return because he was getting bigger, and did not want to do baby things any more. I thought that this was just a phase I thought by the end of the school he would change his mind! Big mistake! I decided to give it a chance I researched the internet made a few calls and decided that I was going to give Young Peoples Day Camp a shot. I can say it was the best decision that I made every day my son came home exhausted he talked about how much fun he had and what he did before the summer was even over he said mom I want to go back next year as summer came to an end he was very upset that it was over. I would like to say thank you and I will see you all next summer.