Our campers swim four-five days per week, usually twice a day. The morning swim is instructional and the afternoon is recreational. Our pool is on-site at the Knox School, which enables campers to have plenty of time and space to learn and enjoy the water.

Our swim staff is composed of certified life guards and water safety instructors. Every camper is swim tested within the first few days of camp so that we know exactly what level skills they have. We have a system that requires all campers to have a buddy and we do buddy checks several times throughout recreational swim time. Also, as another level of safety, our junior campers do not swim with our senior campers.

Trip Days

Our goal is diversify the camp experience throughout the summer.  Campers LOVE our home base at the Knox School but we also like to sprinkle in some adventure by venturing off-site to various fun and exciting locations around Suffolk County. Trips include bowling, movies, a baseball game, amusement park, state parks and beaches, and a couple of surprises!

The majority of trip fees are included in your camper's tuition. There are times where we have optional trips for an additional fee. Parents/guardians will be made aware in advance of these opportunities.


Each year we divide the camp into four teams and conduct a week long Olympic contest. The campers have fun, learn to work as a team, and develop a great sense of pride and camp spirit! Whether its relays, soccer, musical chairs, swim, or a scavenger hunt, a good time will be had by all!

Special Events and Shows

At the end of the season, there is a group Talent Show  - YPDC's Got Talent - where the focus is on dances that the groups work on throughout the summer with our incredibly talented dance instructor.

We also give campers the opportunity to demonstrate individual talents at the talent show as well as throughout the summer.  Talents in the past have ranged from singing, dancing and gymnastics to rapping, playing musical instruments and artistic skills.  All talents are welcomed and celebrated!

You will notice that our calendar has a lot of Special Event Days, such as Crazy Hat Day and Banner Day, where the campers get to display their originality and artistic skills. Another camper favorite is our own version of FAMILY FEUD, which is hysterical!