There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Day Camp

We’ve written about quantitative and statistical studies that measure how day camp can help your child become a more functional, happier adult. These are so important, because they show day camp as the necessity that it is. But what about the more qualitative aspects of day camp? They’re important, too! And they’ve been proven to make a difference in kids’ lives, as well.

Every Second Of Camp Counts!

Even when kids don’t seem to be doing anything at camp, or everyone seems to be goofing off, something important is happening. And this isn’t on accident, either. Your child is being supervised by a highly trained staff that knows to incorporate these activities and knows why they’re important to development. And the truth is, your child cant, and shouldn’t, get enough of them.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Day Camp:

  • Cheering
    Fostering mutual encouragement benefits everyone! Cheering boosts everyone’s morale and promotes good sportsmanship and camaraderie. It also just makes everyone feel good!
  • Singing
    It’s been proven that singing and music affect kids in positive ways. Camp songs also help children to remember experiences, so their time at camp can be with them for a lifetime.
  • Laughing
    It’s also been proven that laughter is healing and that telling jokes can help develop your child’s brain. It’s a good thing day camp is perfect place for jokes and activities that could put a smile on anyone’s face.
  • Camp Spirit
    Camp spirit is really about community. When campers all participate in a group or camp-wide activity, they are strengthening the bonds between themselves, the staff and their fellow campers. This sense of community goes beyond day camp and permeates your child’s whole way of thinking.

There’s Never Too Much YPDC In Your Child’s Life
Here at YPDC of Staten Island, we know a thing or to about camp, because we’ve been creating life-changing camp experiences for over four decades. Our experienced and educated team is ready to make this a fun, educational and enriching summer for your child. Contact us for more information!