Labeling And Relabeling Day Camp Items

Because there are so many fun activities at camp, it can sometimes be difficult for kids to keep track of the things they bring to camp. The one piece of advice that every seasoned day camp parent agrees on is to label, label, and label some more.

Label everything your child brings to camp with their first name and last name, so that it’s easy to collect and return your child’s belongings every day. Your child’s peers may have the same shirt or lunch box, and you want to make sure they come home with their own belongings.

Here Are Some Easy Ways To Label Your Camper’s Belongings:

  • Permanent Fabric Marker – Many parents also use good old-fashioned Sharpies, but it’s important to test non-fabric markers before labeling all of your child’s things.
  • Printed Tape – these are helpful for parents who don’t want to permanently mark their children’s clothes.
  • Iron-On Or Sew In Labels – These permanent labels never fade, so if you have a rough and tumble kid, these work well! They can also be peeled off or cut out when they’re no longer needed.

Make sure the label is somewhere inconspicuous, so only you and the camp counselor knows where it is. And don’t forget to label towels, sunscreen bottles and lunch bags.

Also remember, relabel towards the end of camp to refresh any faded or torn off labels.

This Actually Works, Believe It Or Not!

One way so make sure a fabric marker sets is to use window cleaner. That’s right, window cleaner. Let the marker ink dry completely and then spritz with window cleaner from your utility closet, then let that dry. If you’re labeling clothing, wash separately or with other labeled items for the first time, then wash as normal.

Need More Tips On Labeling? We’ve Been Doing It For Over 45 Years

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