How And Why Day Camp Can Work For Your Kid

Camp serves thousands of children every summer and the tradition of summer camp has endured for decades, but why is summer camp such a successful American institution? It’s not a magic formula, day camp in the North Shore allows kids your child to develop in different ways than during the school year. The structure and support that camp offers works on so many levels and follows a child throughput their adult life. Here are some of the ways camp works for kids:

  • Camp Teaches Us How To Be In Long-Lasting Friendships.

Studies have shown that people with lifelong friends are more successful, are less stressed and have richer, more enjoyable lives. Camp activities are specifically geared toward creating and strengthening friendships. These friendships create networks and support groups that not only facilitate stronger future relationships, but these friends will be a source of emotional support that will last a lifetime.

  • Camp Teaches Us How To Be Self-Assured And Confident.

Meeting new people and trying new activities can be hard, but it’s much easier in a supportive environment. At camp, the inclusive activities, friends and counselors offer a level of support that fosters confidence and self-assuredness. And kids who go to camp are not only confident kids, they’re more confident adults as well.

  • Camp Teaches Us How To Unplug.

Your child is constantly bombarded with sights, sounds and sensations. Between online school interfaces and social media to video games and apps, your child’s mind rarely gets a quiet moment. Camps offer a means to disconnect from electronics and the constant influx of “noise”. That quiet space allows kids to problem-solve with reasoning and communication and it allows them to take a minute to smell the roses…figuratively and literally.

Find Out Why Young Peoples Day Camp Worked For Generations Of Kids

Young Peoples Day Camps have taken care of over 5000 children system-wide, many of whom owe their success in part to their experience at day camp in the North Shore. Plus, many of our current campers are children of former campers. Why? Because they want their own kids to benefit from camp like they did. Our camp environment has been benefitting and enriching kids since 1972.

YPDC of Staten Island is one important ingredient in a successful life. Contact us to find out how your child’s camp experience can benefit them for a lifetime.