How An Educated And Experienced Staff Makes Each Summer Unique

There is something wonderful and familiar about going to camp year after year. Every summer at YPDC Staten Island is unique, even though some of the friends and faces remain the same. Your child never gets the full scope of the camp experience by just attending one summer. That’s because each activity, each trip and each guest is carefully planned by the educated and experienced staff, counselors and directors your children know and love.

Each Activity Is Carefully Planned; It’s No Accident!
Of course there are unexpected wonderful moments, but many of the activities are carefully planned by the teachers and professionals who make up your camp’s experienced staff to help your child learn, interact and grow. They consider age appropriateness, transferability, appropriate social opportunities and so much more! They also make sure every activity is infused with the most important ingredient at camp…fun‼ Making activities that have transferable value and are really fun for kids is no easy task, that’s why it’s important to choose a camp that has a highly educated and experienced staff. Their education and training helps them to make the most educational activity seem like just another fun day at camp.

Memories Are Important Too!
That’s isn’t to say memories and time honored traditions aren’t important, too. There are certain routines, songs and activities that are integral to camp. One of the most important reasons to send your kid to camp each year is for the stability and consistency. In this ever-changing world, it’s important to know that the camp they love “is there for them”. These songs, routines and activities are rooted in camp history and help campers understand their part in a long legacy of campers!

The Combination Of Tradition And Innovation Makes Each Summer Unique
The combination of tradition and innovation works, because it offers the right balance of familiarity, education, socialization and fun. This helps kids to feel comfortable with the camp environment, but still learn new things and venture safely outside of their comfort zones. And it wouldn’t be possible without the ingenious behind-the-scenes work of your camp’s experienced staff.

YPDC Staten Island, Where Tradition Meets Innovation
At YPDC Staten Island we honor a long standing day-camp traditions as well as fun, innovative activities that help your child to grow. And they’re all brought to you by a highly educated and experienced staff eager to show your child the summer of their life. If you want to find out more, call or email us for more information.