5 Reasons Why Summer Day Camp Is A Necessity For Your Child

Are you a Staten Island native? Do you remember the magic of your first Staten Island day camp experience? How about your favorite day camp experience? The friends you made? The time you won a three-legged race and laughed until tears rolled down your face? Or was it when you discovered a talent you never thought you had, and everyone cheered when you performed it? Was it the trips? The activities? Or was the entire experience just awesome?

Summer Day Camp: More Than Just A Bonus

Did you ever think summer day camp was a really nice bonus to add to your summer or your kid’s summer? What if we told you that your and your kids’ Staten Island summer day camp experience was more than just a bonus? A study by the American Camp Association has shown that children who don’t go to summer camp are twice as susceptible to weight gain and experience learning loss, because their brains are not engaged.

Are still not convinced that your Staten Island summer day camp can profoundly help your child?

Here Are The Five Benefits Of Camp Started In That Very Study:

  1. A Sense Of Competence
    Children feel more competent in their tasks when they’ve got the network of support a summer camp offers. Camp offers a place to practice and perfect skills so a child can feel confident in their abilities.
  1. Feeling Connected
    Kids who go to Staten Island summer day camp have a greater feeling of connectedness and bonding with those around them. This is because of the relationships they develop at camp.
  1. The Ability To Make Decisions
    At camp, kids are asked to make decisions like what activity they’ll do or who they’ll be working with. This kind of practice creates good decision makers.
  1. The Ability To Find Who They Are
    Identify is an integral part of how people relate to the world. Having a safe place to develop that identity is paramount to becoming a successful person. Camp is one of those indispensable spaces where kids can develop who they are among staff, counselors and friends who care.
  1. Independence
    Campers develop a sense of independence through a culmination of all four previous reasons. Competence, feeling bonded and connected, making decisions and affirming ones identity creates independent individuals who change the world in positive ways.

Are You Shocked? You’re Not Alone

If you’re thinking, “I never thought my Staten Island summer day camp could do that,” you’re not alone. Many parents think that day camp is an “extra”. But thinking of your child’s Staten Island summer day camp as a necessity will open the door to positive opportunities that will shape your child into a respected, functional, vibrant member of society.

Young People’s Day Camp of Staten Island Has been shaping young lives For Over 45 Years

Young People’s Day Camp, your premier Staten Island summer day camp, has been creating educational fun for kids for over 45 years. Contact us for more information on how your child can benefit from summer camp.


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