Your Summer Day Camp Provides Consistency, Socialization And Fun

Our childhood experiences shape who we are as individuals and summer day camp is one of those influential experiences. At your child’s day camp in Richmond County, we don’t just create wonderful memories; we develop a sense of security and self-assuredness that carries your child through adulthood. Here are three reasons why day camp shapes your child into a more self-assured individual.

Kids Flourish On Routine, Consistency

When your kids say, “I’m bored” it isn’t to annoy you. They simply don’t have the capability to fill unstructured time in a constructive way. You also need to consider that school provides consistency and routine to fill that unstructured time during the fall, winter and spring months. During the summer, children become bored or even anxious in the absence of that consistency and routine. Day camp, like school, can provide the kind of routine, consistent environment that makes kids feel secure and safe. This helps them develop the self-assuredness and security that creates more confident and successful adults.

Kids Have Learn Important Socialization Skills

Day camp provides more opportunity for socialization than in your child’s school environment. Your child’s school focuses on their education, and this is of paramount importance, but so it the ability to socialize comfortably with peers and with people outside of your peer group. Positive socialization models in one’s childhood models the types of interactions we have as adults. And the ability to positively socialize is a large factor in one’s success in adulthood.

Children Learn That It’s Fun To Explore New Things

Camp provided a consistent environment to make kids feel safe, but it also creates a secure environment to try new activities…and have fun doing it! Without the security of the environment of your day camp in Richmond County, you child may feel apprehensive about new experiences. But a secure and supportive environment encourages kids to see new things as something fun and exciting. It also teaches children to take proper and necessary precautions when trying something new, but to always choose a fresh experience when given the opportunity.

Day Camp Kids Become Exceptional Adults

Your summer day camp can provide an environment that will shape them into healthy, successful adults. And, with over 40 years of experience, Young Peoples Day Camp of Staten Island has seen generations of kids develop into outstanding adults…who, in turn, send their kids to YPDC! Contact us for more information on our long-standing legacy of facilitating childhood fun, while developing exceptional individuals.