What To Look For In A Summer Day Camp

It’s that time of year again!! For kids, registering for summer day camp in Staten Island means months of carefree fun is almost here! But for parents, deciding how, when and where your child will go to camp requires a lot of planning and thought. Making sure your child is in an active, healthy and educational environment is key.

Here Are Some Factors To Consider When Looking For A Summer Camp in Staten Island :

Safe, Reliable Transportation

For children, summer means the end of school and an unmitigated break from the work they’ve been doing all year. But most parents don’t get a break from their daily grind and this may propose an issue getting your child to and from camp. Parents can take turns carpooling, but this can be unreliable if any one parent’s schedule conflicts. Some camps will provide transportation at an additional cost. But these are often charter buses and your child’s route is one of many, which is a recipe for costly and dangerous mistakes.

Look for summer day camp in Staten Island that provide free, door-to-door transportation. Not only is this safer, but it offers peace of mind. You’ll know that your child will get to camp and back safely.

Skilled And Experienced Staff

Your child is going to be spending most of their day at their summer day camp in Staten Island, so you want to be sure that the staff is qualified and dedicated to providing an educational, safe and memorable experience.

You want to look for high qualifications, like teacher certification and education degrees. Obtaining an education degree and/or teacher certification is rigorous; it requires countless hours of instruction and hands-on training. Also, certified teachers have the experience and know-how to create an informative and fun recreational environment. This ensures that your child will be supervised by knowledgeable and experienced staff members. Also, don’t be shy about asking for first aid and safety certifications; your child’s safety is paramount.


This may not seem like a big deal, but feedback from other families is important. Look for testimonials that are constructive, such as positive experiences and outcomes. Disregard testimonials that only use evaluative words, such as “good” or “bad”, and don’t describe events or interactions. The summer day camp in Staten Island you choose should promote positive self-image and self-esteem, testimonials should provide you with this evidence.

Straightforward Schedules And Rates

Always look for a straightforward schedule and clear rates. Again, like testimonials this may not seem huge, but when you and your family are budgeting time and money for your child’s day camp, knowing the exact parameters of what you’ll be spending and what activities your child will be doing throughout the day is key.

Still Unsure Of Which Summer Day Camp In Staten Island To Choose? YPDC Can Help.

Choosing the rightsummer day camp in Staten Island can mean a lifetime of happy summer memories for your child. For over 40 years, Young People’s Day Camps have provided a safe, fun and self-esteem building camp environment. Contact our Staten Island location for more information or to schedule a private tour of our beautiful Nansen Park facility.