Chris Igneri

Executiver Director

Chris began his career with Young People's in 2000.  He has held many different positions within YPDC and each responsibility he has taken on and  worked very hard to be successful. Currently, Chris is  the new Director at Young People’s in Mercer and Burlington County.   For the previous 15 years Chris was the Director at Young People's in Staten Island.  As the Director Chris has handled many of the day-to-day activities. In addition to his work with Young People’s Day Camp, he is also a teacher of history with instructional support students with the New York City Department of Education and hold education certification in both New York and New Jersey.

Being a part of this fantastic organization for so long has allowed Chris to play an important role in many of our campers’ lives. He feels Young People's Day Camp treats our campers and their loved ones as much more than people who come and go every summer. They are truly treated like members of our own families and we are there, at any time, for anything they may need.