Is Your Child Ready For Day Camp Registration?

You’ve visited websites, called references, asked local parents and maybe even visited the camps in your area. You’ve Google-mapped distances and you’ve compared camps with and without door-to-door transportation. You’ve made sure dates don’t conflict with vacation plans or family visits. Essentially, you’ve done your homework. There’s one last thing to consider, and it’s, by far, the most important factor: Is your child ready for day camp registration?

There is no secret formula or designated age that definitively marks your kid as “ready”. Each child is different and their readiness is unique to them. However, if you’re not sure, here are some questions that may help you to make that very important decision.


Has Your Child Been Asking You To Go To Camp?

This is about the least subtle of these criteria–asking about camp is a surefire way to determine if they’re ready and they really want to go. This also shows that your child is self motivated enough to ask for what they’d like to do. This is a very positive step towards being ready for camp.


Does Your Child Listen To Instructions And Have Respect Or Others, Especially Adults?

Your Staten Island day camp is about having fun and making friends, but there are rules that keep everyone safe. Being able to follow those rules and respecting those around you makes camp more wonderful for everyone. Your child needs to understand that counselors and staff are there to help and provide a fun environment. The rules help facilitate that all of the fun!


Will Your Child Try New Things And New Experiences?

Your Staten Island day camp is filled with new experiences, new people and new activities. Some children jump right in, some take a little while to “warm up” to a new idea. Don’t be concerned about the “slow warmer”; they often get the hang of the camp environment. They may just need a little time! However, be concerned about kids who are simply not ready or new experiences.


Can Your Child Perform Basic Tasks And Feel Secure Without A Parent Or Guardian?

Your child will, of course, receive help and care at camp–the best camps are staffed by teachers and professionals, so your child is always in good hands. But can they eat a snack, play games, listen to instructions, and interact with other children without you there? This is one of the biggest indicators of camp readiness and it is absolutely individual to each child. Even siblings have different points of readiness when it comes to being without a parent or guardian all day. If your child does well in school, day-care or homeschool enrichment groups, you can be pretty confident that they’ll do well at day camp.


Trust Yourself, You Know Your Child Best. For All Other Questions, Contact YPDC.

No one knows your child as well as you do, so trust your judgment! If you think your child can handle day camp registration, you’re probably right! If you have questions about camp environments, staff qualifications or if you’re gauging your child’s compatibility with a Staten Island day camp, contact the experts. Since 1972, YPDC of Staten Island has been facilitating summer fun! They can help you make the most important decision of your child’s summer!