Enrolling In Summer Day Camp Teaches Lessons In Friendship

Making friends can be difficult for kids. Camp often creates a schedule and environment that fosters making fast friends with your peers and this can result in lasting bonds that continue throughout one’s life. Here are some of the many lessons Staten Island summer day camp campers have learned about kids, camp and friendship:

It’s Easy To Make Friends At Camp

Remember the fear that everyone has when they first enter their Staten Island summer day camp? Your children will ask themselves “Will I make any friends?” The answer to that is “Yes!!” It’s impossible not to make friends, kids at camp are all in the same boat and they’re all eager to connect with their new best friends.

Being A Good Friend Is A Skill Worth Cultivating

Let’s face it, for kids, camp is a crash course in socialization. Spending every day with the same group allows kids to create bonds and socialize in ways they can’t throughout the school year. They’re engaging in activities where sharing and community are paramount, and this helps kids to grow as peers and as friends to each other.

Cultivating “friend skills” is also an exercise in giving and taking. They learn when and how to be there for someone; how to be supportive and receive support. This not only strengthens the bonds of their camp friendships, but also makes them better team players and family members.

They’ll Make Friends That Will Last Forever

Camp may seem fleeting and intense, the summer may seem like it flies by. You may wonder whether the friends your child makes at camp will last. They will! Your kids and the kids at camp share a unique experience and bond. That bond is difficult to break. Even if they don’t see their camp friends until the next summer, they’re not likely to forget!

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