5 Telltale Signs You Attended Day Camp

There are a lot of benefits to going to your Staten Island summer day camp! And when times get a little rough, or even just a little bumpy, camp spirit always shines through and you’ll consider yourself lucky you made it through with a camper.

Here are 5 telltale signs you’re a day camper:

  1. You Always See The Fun In Everything

Campers have an activity for every occasions and know exactly what to do to make the time pass by. Campers know the catchiest songs that can get everyone singing They also know plenty of jokes and stories that make everyone smile.

  1. You’re All About Teamwork

Camp wouldn’t be camp without teamwork and campers learn quickly that it’s better to lend a hand to get a job done faster. Because campers do everything together, working side by side becomes a natural part of being at camp. Everyone doing a little bit, rather than few doing a lot always works out for the better.

  1. You Understand That It’s Okay To Get A Little Dirty

Getting a little dirty at camp in inevitable! We spend the whole school year keeping clean, and rightfully so, making a mess at home or school is not a good idea. But camp is a whole different story, getting a little mud on your shoes is part of what makes camp fun!

  1. You Can Get Along With All Kinds Of People

Your camper population is diverse, so there’s a wide range of people to get to know and to get along with. You’re put in situations where you have to talk to and cooperate with a variety of folks, and this helps you relate to others wherever you go.

  1. You’re Already Thinking About Becoming A Counselor

Even before you’re old enough, you’ve probably thought about becoming a counselor. Not only were your counselors fantastic role models, but they always looked like they were having fun. You realize early on that most counselors are former campers who what to pass the fun, wisdom and love of camp on to the next generation. Doesn’t that sound like the best job ever?

Are You The Parent Of A Future Day Camper? Ask YPDC Of Staten Island

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