3 Reasons Your Kid Should Be Reenrolling For Summer Camp

Initially deciding to attend camp is a big decision, but reenrolling for summer camp is an even bigger one. School isn’t out yet; it may be difficult to even think about camp. But, summer is right around the corner. Thinking about reenrolling for camp between February and early June helps you and your child prepare for what’s to come at day camp. This also gives your child enough time to evaluate past camp experiences with enough healthy distance. You can weigh your decision on your child’s experiences, but you should also consider these factors when deciding whether to return to camp:

Each Summer At Camp Is Unique

If you’re a regular camper, you know that camp can become a comfortable, familiar place. That said, each summer is unique. There are always bound to be at least one new counselor and the staff are always looking for ways to tweak and change up last years activities in order to make every summer fresh and exciting. Kids often say, each year camp is the same and different all in one. This is so true, camp may be familiar, but there’s always something new to reinvigorate your experience.

Each Camp Year Has It’s Own Traditions

We just talked about how each summer is different at camp, but there are long standing traditions that not only make kids feel welcomed back, but give them something to look forward to. Trips may become more involved and intense as campers get older, campers may have age-specific events that they participate in, there may be different rest areas for different age groups, or significant leadership roles. These are little (or big) things that your child can anticipate each year they attend camp.

Camp Friendships Last

Campers have a shared experience no one can match, and this creates bonds that strengthen over the test of time. It’s true, campers will always have the opportunities to make new friends, but it’s always a great feeling to see your best camp friend from last year or years past. And seasoned camp friends are more likely to help new campers feel welcome and acclimate to “camp life”.

If Your Child Doesn’t Attend Camp, They May Be Missing Out

Like we mentioned earlier, camp is both the same and different every year. A lot of things will change and there will be traditions your child may miss out on. So not reenrolling for summer camp, for even just one summer, might mean your child won’t be able to participate in building some pretty significant memories. And if you trust your camp and their staff, you can be sure that they’re working hard to make this summer better than the last. This means that your camper could be losing out on their best summer ever. Is that a chance you want to take?

Whether It’s Your First Of Fifth Summer, YPDC Can help

If your child is deciding attend camp for the first time or your child has been a camper for multiple summers, Young People’s Day Camps can help guide you through the enrollment process. Contact our Staten Island location for more information about the benefit of being a lifelong day camper.