Camp Field Trips Foster Bonds And Add To Camp Excitement

Campers are very attached to their camps and why wouldn’t they be? They’re a source of security, they’re fun, they’re picturesque and they are the canvas for all of the activities counselors dream into reality for campers. But campers have anther passion, and that passion is camp field trips. Trips Help Campers Bond Camp field … Read more

How YPDC’s Staff Combines Innovation With Tradition

For many kids, camp is about returning to a familiar place where counselors and friends are there to greet you. But, even though there are things that stay the same at camp, there are always new activities and changes to the camp environment and that’s a good thing. It not only gives your kids unique experiences … Read more

Why Your Child Can’t Get Enough Day Camp

You’ve read about statistical and quantitative research on how day camps help your child to become a better, more productive person with a higher quality of life. This is an essential part of why your child should go to camp. But the qualitative aspects of camp are important and they’ve been proven to make a … Read more

Get To Know The Staff At Young People’s Day Camp Of Nassau

There are many parts that make up a wonderful camp experience of a camp; the activities, the facility the special guests, the trips…the list goes on. But without the staff and the campers, camp wouldn’t be, well, camp! The same rules apply for Young People’s Day Camp of Nassau. The staff and directors are an … Read more

5 Reasons Nassau County Summer Day Camp Is Essential For Your Child

Have you ever thought about the Nassau County summer day camp experience that’s your favorite? Did you make great friends? Did you laugh until you cried with friends? Did you discover yourself on a trail ride? Did you discover a talent you didn’t know you had? Did you get a chance to perform in front … Read more

Day Camp Turns 100 Years Old, But Some Values Never Change

100 years ago, Pop Pierce had a vision. He thought that if kids had a positive experience over their summer break, it could help to influence and enrich their lives. So, in a rented plot in Deal, NJ, planned his first camp activities, and the first day camp was born. Pierce had high hopes for … Read more

A Brief History Of Day Camp

Summer day camp is such an institution; sometimes we take it for granted. But camp, as we know it, has a rich and storied history. All of the traditions that we have come to know and love began somewhere, but most of us don’t know where. Here is a brief timeline of the history of … Read more

Helpful Hints On What Not To Bring To Day Camp

There are so many fun activities to prepare for and this can be difficult for parents, especially if you’re preparing for the first time. The first step is to involve your child in these decisions; look over your child’s schedule with them to determine what is necessary or not. This helps them understand why they … Read more

Tips For First-Time Campers And Camp Parents

It’s that time of year; the first day of camp is here! There is a lot of excitement involved, but also some parent and child anxiety too. Especially if you’re first-time campers or camp parents. As a parent, it’s natural to worry about your child being gone all day. This may even be their first full … Read more

Summer Camp Field Trips That Spark A Child’s Interest

Field trips are part of the magic of summer camp in Long Island. Kids not only anticipate these trips, but they experience something new about the world around them. They also discover what goals they can reach and achieve. Field Trips Can Help You, Too! These field trips can give you insight on what your … Read more