On Site Activities

Every week our campers are fully engaged with a variety of specialized activities brought into camp. Young People’s Day Camp offers arts and crafts, painting, game shows, dance,  karate, animal show by Petco, zumba, yoga, meditation, social emotional learning and drama on various days throughout the week. Our focus is to have our campers engage in activities that can develop them both physically and socially. All the instructors are certified professionals from reputable local organizations.


Our campers swim three times a week at Cantiague Park in Hicksville just minutes away from our campsite. All of our campers are able to swim in a large 3 and a half foot pool and those who aren't comfortable are able to relax in the facilities wading pool and water playground. Our experienced swimmers have access to both an incredible water slide and diving pool. We have our own water safety instructor and lifeguards in addition to the lifeguards on site so our pool days are extremely safe and a load of fun for our campers at YPDC.


Each week brings a new adventure to Young People’s Day Camp when we venture off-site to various fun and exciting locations around Long Island. Not only do we spend days at both Cantiague and Hidden Park utilizing the fields and playgrounds, but we also journey to Adventureland,  Bounces and slydos, Bounce U, Pump it Up, the Long Island Children’s Museum, BOCES Environmental Center, Movies, Bowling, Roller Skating and the Cooks Studio in Hicksville. All of these trips allow our students to experience things that are not available to them on-site, and they are able to share these experiences with their peers. Some of our most memorable moments in years past have come on these trips, and we look forward to making many more.

Talent Shows

Young People’s Day Camp of Long Island features two Talent Shows during the summer. The first is for all our talented individual campers that would like to try out to show off their particular set of skills. Acts in the past have ranged from rapping, singing and dancing to gymnastics. We even have talented campers who play the drums and guitar. At the end of the season, there is a group Talent Show. At this show there are fewer individual performances and the focus is on the dances that the groups will be working on all summer with our dance instructor.