Who are the people in charge?

The Director as well as his assistants and key personnel are New York State Certified Teachers, with many combined years of teaching and camp experience. Additionally, many of our teachers are also certified teachers.

Who will supervise my child?

Our staff is made up primarily of teachers and college students, with some high school students (junior counselors). Our ratios of campers to staff range from 4:1 to 8:1, dependent on camper ages. All ratios are within Health Department and New York State guidelines.

Where are you located?
We are based in Kings Park at St. Joseph's Church. We have numerous rooms for our indoor activities such as zumba, dance, arts & crafts, as well as ball fields, courts, and play areas. Best of all, we are literally 2 minutes from Sunken Meadow State Park!
Do you have medical personnel?

Many staff members are CPR and First Aid Certified. In addition, we have 2-3 NYS licensed Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) as well as a nurse on call.

Is the camp licensed and insured?

Absolutely! The camp is licensed by the Suffolk County Health Department which visits us periodically to ensure that we are in compliance with NYS Regulations. Each camper is covered through our medical and liability insurance.!

How does bussing work?

Children are transported to and from camp by Baumann/Acme Bus Company. All of our drivers are certified, professional school bus drivers. Depending on your location, children are picked up between 7am and 8:15am. While we make every effort to accommodate parental work schedules, we cannot guarantee a specific time for every family! Children will leave camp at 4pm, and should be home between 4:30pm and 5:30pm, again dependent upon location and traffic.

Do children bring their own lunch?

We offer a lunch program for a nominal fee. Campers who do not participate in the lunch program must bring a sensible lunch and drink on a daily basis. Lunches will be kept fresh in our coolers. Should a child forget or lose their lunch (it happens!), we will have several types of sandwiches available. No child will ever go without lunch!

How do I pay for camp?

A deposit is required when you register. For your convenience, the balance may be broken up into several payments with no interest or service charges. You may pay by a credit card, check or cash. Unless other arrangements have been made, all payments should be completed by June 30.

When does my child receive shirts and bags? Any other clothing information?

Shirts and bags are distributed on the child’s first day. Each child will receive two shirts and one bag. For security reasons, camp shirts must be worn daily. You may purchase additional shirts and bags if you wish to. In addition, all campers should bring 1-2 bathing suits and a towel (child’s full name should be on each article of clothing.) Last but not least, every child must wear sneakers and socks-flip-flops are not acceptable EXCEPT at the pool area.

Once camp starts, how can I contact you during the camp day?

You may reach us as follows:

Answering Service: 631-476-3330
Michael: 516-729-0690
Main Office: 1-800-933-YPDC

Fax: 631-265-1869