Our campers swim several days per week. Our swim staff is composed of certified lifeguards and water safety instructors.

Trip Days

YPDC of Suffolk has at least one trip per week. Trips include bowling, movies, a baseball game, amusement park, state parks and beaches, and a couple of surprises!


Each year we divide the camp into four teams and conduct a week long Olympic contest. The campers have fun, learn to work as a team, and develop a great sense of pride and camp spirit! Whether its relays, soccer, musical chairs, swim, or a scavenger hunt, a good time will be had by all!

Special Events and Shows

Our Talent Show is amazing! Our Special Event Days like Crazy Hat Day or Banner Day are a lot of fun, and the campers get to display their artistic skills. We’ve created our own FAMILY FEUD which is hysterical! We are so proud of the staff and campers, and what they are able to accomplish each summer!