On-site Activities

Every week our campers are fully engaged in a variety of both daily and specialized activities. Our core program includes sports, arts and crafts, the arts – including dance, yoga and zumba, STEM activities, and plenty of opportunities to use their imaginations. We also bring specialized activities to our camp so that our campers can enjoy a variety of experiences without having to leave our campus. Specialized activities include carnivals, game shows, DJ parties, karate, and animal shows. Our well-balanced curriculum enables our campers to enjoy the physical aspects of sport, karate, dance and zumba while relaxing in a more calm environment during arts and crafts, painting, and yoga classes. All of the event instructors are certified professionals from reputable local organizations that are able to differentiate their instruction for each group of campers with whom they are working.


Our campers swim several days per week. Safety is our top priority, which is why our swim staff is composed of certified lifeguards, water safety instructors and certified pool activity leaders. We use town pools that are in close proximity to our campsite, providing our swimmers with various options. Our experienced swimmers enjoy the deeper waters and diving pools while other swimmers spend time in shallower waters for learning and playing. The town pools also have their own lifeguards on site, which adds to the safety of our campers.

Trip Days

Each week brings a new adventure to Young People’s Day Camp when we venture off-site to various fun and exciting locations around Suffolk County. In addition to our fun-filled days spent at our home base, we journey to Adventureland, movies, bowling, baseball games, beaches, state parks, bounce centers, and “surprise” trips! All of these trips allow our campers to experience things that are not available to them on-site, and they are able to share these experiences with their peers. Some of our most memorable moments in years past have come from these trips, and we look forward to making many more.


What would camp be with a fun summer olympics?! Each year we divide the camp into four teams and host a week long Olympic contest. The campers have fun, learn to work as a team, and develop a great sense of pride and camp spirit! Whether it’s relays, soccer, musical chairs, swim, or a scavenger hunt, a good time is always had be all!

Special Events and Shows

We can never have enough special events at YPDC of Suffolk! Our signature Talent Show is a summer favorite. All groups participate in a manner that is inclusive and fun. They spend time during the weeks leading up to the show on their performance theme and working with our dance and arts and crafts instructors. Campers are also invited to participate solo, showing off their individual unique talents. Acts in the past have included singing, rapping, dancing, and acting, to name a few. We have many fun themed special event days throughout the summer, such as Crazy Hat Day, Banner Day, Birthday Party Day, Silly Hair Day, Inside Out Day and many more. These days always prove to bring an extra wave of laughter and joy to our camp. Another notable event is our own FAMILY FEUD, which is truly hysterical! The kids really rise to the occasion and lots of laughs are had.