There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Day Camp

We’ve written about quantitative and statistical studies that measure how day camp can help your child become a more functional, happier adult. These are so important, because they show day camp as the necessity that it is. But what about the more qualitative aspects of day camp? They’re important, too! And they’ve been proven to … Read more

100 Years Of Day Camp: How Things Change, But Our Values Stay The Same

Day Camp Turns 100 Years Old This Year…Happy Birthday!! In 1918, Forrester (“Pop”) Pierce, a young ambitious physical education teacher envisioned a new way to spend summer vacation. His vision included kids engaging in self-esteem building socialization, bonding activities, and physical activities. He believed that this experience would create a lifelong commitment to health, wellbeing … Read more

Labeling And Relabeling Day Camp Items

Because there are so many fun activities at camp, it can sometimes be difficult for kids to keep track of the things they bring to camp. The one piece of advice that every seasoned day camp parent agrees on is to label, label, and label some more. Label everything your child brings to camp with … Read more

How And Why Day Camp Can Work For Your Kid

Camp serves thousands of children every summer and the tradition of summer camp has endured for decades, but why is summer camp such a successful American institution? It’s not a magic formula, day camp in the North Shore allows kids your child to develop in different ways than during the school year. The structure and … Read more