Why Your Child Can’t Get Enough Day Camp

You’ve read about statistical and quantitative research on how day camps help your child to become a better, more productive person with a higher quality of life. This is an essential part of why your child should go to camp. But the qualitative aspects of camp are important and they’ve been proven to make a difference, as well.

Every Minute Of Camp Is Beneficial

Your kids might seem like they’re doing nothing, but when kids are playing and goofing off, important things are happening. Your camp’s staff is well educated, highly trained and experienced; they know how important these things are to your development. And, honestly, your kid can never get too much.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why Your Child Can’t Get Enough Day Camp:


Laughing is proven to be healthy, healing and good for brain development, and we do a lot of it at camp! Also, figuring out jokes may seem silly, but they help with cognitive development.

Day Camp Spirit

Day camp spirit is not just about acting or dressing silly, it’s about building a sense of community. When everyone participates in day camp spirit, everyone wins. It strengthens bonds and changes the way campers think about their community.

Songs And Music

Singing affects brain development in positive ways. Kids who are exposed to music do better academically than kids who aren’t. And camp songs help your child to remember their amazing experience! 

Encouragement And Cheering

When you foster encouragement, everyone wins! Cheering boosts moral and makes kids feel good! It also encourages friendship and sportsmanlike behavior.

You Can’t Get Enough YPDC Of Nassau County In Your Child’s Life

We know a little (okay, a lot!) about day camp, because Young People’s Day Camp has been doing it for over forty-six years. YPDC of Nassau County’s staff is experienced and educated, so they know exactly how to make your kid’s summer educational, enriching and fun. Contact YPDC of Nassau County for more information on how day camp can enrich your child’s life. After just one summer you’ll agree, you can ever get enough day camp in your lives!

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