How YPDC’s Staff Combines Innovation With Tradition

For many kids, camp is about returning to a familiar place where counselors and friends are there to greet you. But, even though there are things that stay the same at camp, there are always new¬†activities and changes to the camp environment and that’s a good thing. It not only gives your kids unique experiences every year, but it also introduces them to new and different ideas helping them to venture out of their comfort zones. And all of it is carefully planned by your innovative and highly educated camp counselors, directors and staff.

Each Activity Is Purposefully Designed For Learning And Fun
There are always moments of unexpected joy at camp, but for the most part the activities are carefully planed by the directors and counselors. During the year these teachers, coaches and educators of all types use their combined skills to create new experience for your child to help them grow. They combine socialization, transferable skills and, of course, fun! This is no easy task, and only happens when your camp hires an experienced and educated staff. Their education, experience and skills help them to make each activity educational, but also filled with fun!

Consistency Is Important, Too
This doesn’t mean that we set aside camp traditions. There are certain traditions that are the corner stones of camp life, like campo songs, activities and fun routines. They help campers to understand their place in camp history, and they add stability and consistency. That familiarity makes campers feel safe and helps them to understand that this is the same camp that they love. It also helps them to introduce camp basics to new campers, carrying on the tradition of camp hospitality.

The Blending Of New And Old Is What Makes Camp So Unique And Special
Blending the new experiences and camp traditions is more than just fun; it helps kids to navigate new experiences knowing they have the “safety net” of traditional activities. Kids know that there will be certain cornerstones of camp life that they can depend on, so the activities that are new and that may be a challenge, aren’t so scary. It helps them to be more curious about the world around them. And it’s all thanks to the hard work of the counselors, directors and staff.

YPDC Of Nassau, The Perfect Combination Of Tradition And Innovation
At YPDC of Nassau County, our camp traditions run deep, but we also pride ourselves on fun, innovative activities that every kid loves. And it’s out highly educated and trained staff that brings these activities and events to life for each child. To find out more, contact is for more information on how YPDC delivers amazing experiences and lifelong traditions.

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