Helpful Hints On What Not To Bring To Day Camp

There are so many fun activities to prepare for and this can be difficult for parents, especially if you’re preparing for the first time. The first step is to involve your child in these decisions; look over your child’s schedule with them to determine what is necessary or not. This helps them understand why they should or should not bring a particular item. When you and your child are preparing for their Nassau County day camp experience, use this list of helpful hints.

What Should Stay Home And What Not Pack:

  • Medications – Give all medications, prescription or OTC, to your child’s counselor or the camp nurse. Reputable camps have a designated protocol for administering and keeping medication for your child.
  • Toys Or Electronics – Unless there’s a special activity that requires them, it’s not a good idea to bring valuables to camp, simply because they could get broken or lost. And most often your child will be too busy having fun without these items.
  • Known Allergens – Find out if there are any food restrictions and avoid sending food with those ingredients. It’s a safe bet to avoid sending anything with nut butters, milk, eggs or shellfish. Fortunately there are still plenty of yummy foods you can send!
  • Sugary Drinks – This is a difficult call, because our kids have beverage preferences for packed lunches, and they may be just fine for school or play dates. But when your children are outdoors, they’ll need to stay hydrated. Flavored water is a great choice, because it hydrates your kid and tastes great, too.
  • Sweets And Candy – There’s nothing wrong with a sweet here or there, but candy doesn’t help your child at camp. Pack food that will sustain their blood sugar and not spike it. This will help them to have enough energy throughout their day.

Consult with your Nassau County day camp for more information on what they recommend you leave at home and/or do not bring.

Need More Information On What Or What Not To Pack? Ask The Experts.

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