Get To Know The Staff At Young People’s Day Camp Of Nassau

There are many parts that make up a wonderful camp experience of a camp; the activities, the facility the special guests, the trips…the list goes on. But without the staff and the campers, camp wouldn’t be, well, camp! The same rules apply for Young People’s Day Camp of Nassau.
The staff and directors are an essential part of camp, as well as the camper. Knowing your camp staff can help you to understand how and why these talented individuals make your child’s summer extraordinary.

Who Are The Staff At Young People’s Day Camp Of Nassau?

Director: Brendan McCaffrey

Brendan McCaffrey has been associated with YPDC for over 20 years, 14 of those as the director of Young People’s Day Camp in Nassau. He holds two graduate degrees, served our country in the United States Marine Corps and has been involved in local and college level basketball.

Brian Snyder: Assistant Director

Brian has a batchers and masters degree in English and he is a dedicated middle school teacher. He also coaches boys and girls basketball at the middle school level, encouraging character building and good grades into his coaching strategies.

Bryn Worrilow: Assistant Director

Bryn has been a group leader, a counselor, an athletic director, the list goes on. She has been a contributing part of the YPDC family for over a decade. He has a bachelor’s degree and physical education and a master’s degree in general and special education. She is also a varsity softball coach.

Michele McCaffrey: Assistant Director

Michele has been a part of the Young people’s day camp family for a decade. Michelle has previously worked in the travel industry. At YPDC, she’s worked as the trip planner, the lunch coordinator and parent liaison at camp. She is also the camp’s candid photographer, so keep your eyes peeled for her lens! She has a bachelor’s degree, with a major in business and a minor on photography.

Lauren DiGregorio: Camp Director

Lauren DiGregorio is YPDC’s office manager. She’s bee with YPDC for over a decade. Her career began as a camp councilor. Lauren has a bachelor’s degree in special and general education and a master’s degree in literacy education. During the year she’s a third grade teacher and science coordinator.

Mike Cashman: Athletic Director

Mike has only been with YPDC since 2016, but he brings a lot to the table. He has a degree in physical educating, as well as dedicated involvement in soccer and soccer coaching. He also coaches varsity basketball.

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