Day Camp Turns 100 Years Old, But Some Values Never Change

100 years ago, Pop Pierce had a vision. He thought that if kids had a positive experience over their summer break, it could help to influence and enrich their lives. So, in a rented plot in Deal, NJ, planned his first camp activities, and the first day camp was born. Pierce had high hopes for his program. He imagined it would become a mainstay in children’s lives, but did he ever think the concept of day camp would become the institution it is today?

YPDC Is Born!

Over 5 decades after Pop Pierce’s groundbreaking inception, Young People’s Day Camp came into being. YPDC has improved many aspects of the camp experience, like offering free, safe transportation to any child who needs it and creating magical environments that are relatively close to a child’s home, so they can experience the benefits of camp, without venturing too far.

YPDC’s Nassau County Day Camp Carries On The Tradition

YPDC’s Nassau county day camp is one of the many locations of YPDC that brings the values of camp and a love of the outdoors practically to your child’s doorstep. It still follows the tradition set a century ago by Pierce. Here are some of the ways that camp has both improved, and stayed the same.

What Would Day Camp Be Without Swimming?

You can’t have summer camp activities for kids without swimming. Our campers swim 3 times per week. Our three and a half foot pool is perfect for campers who need time to get comfortable in a recreational swimming environment. Our pool is located Cantiague Park in Hicksville just minutes away from camp. Our swim staff is composed of certified lifeguards and water safety instructors.

There’s An Adventure Every Week!

YPDC’s Nassau county day camp’s summer program offers kids at least one trip or experience per week. Trips include journies to Adventureland, Active Kidz, Pump it Up, the Long Island Children’s Museum, BOCES Environmental Center, and bowling, and maybe a few surprise visits and adventures!

Two Talent Shows In One Summer!

YPDC’s Nassau county day camp offers not one, but two talent shows!! So there’s more than one time to showcase a talent your child’s already has, or time to cultivate a talent they’ve developed at camp. Some former acts have included hula hooping, dancing, gymnastics and much more. The talent show at the end of the summer showcases our group talents. This is a chance for your child to cultivate team-building skills and show parents and guardians what they’ve learned and accomplished at camp.

Cultivating A 100 Year Tradition For Over 5 Decades

Young People’s Day Camp of Nassau County has been providing fun, safe and educational summers for Nassau county kids since 1972. Contact them for more information on how your child can be a part of YPDC’s long history of providing extraordinary summer experiences for kids.


*Historical information courtesy of American Camp Association –

*Historical Photo Courtesy of the Cornwall Historical Society —

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