Camp Field Trips Foster Bonds And Add To Camp Excitement

Campers are very attached to their camps and why wouldn’t they be? They’re a source of security, they’re fun, they’re picturesque and they are the canvas for all of the activities counselors dream into reality for campers. But campers have anther passion, and that passion is camp field trips.

Trips Help Campers Bond

Camp field trips are like school field trips, only better! Not only are they designed to be fun, but also they help campers bond with their new camp friends. They’re also a special time outside of the camp schedule, an adventure with your camp friends.

Whether it’s a trip to Pump It Up, Activekidz, Once Upon a Tree Top, Adventureland or the Long Island Children’s Museum, camp field trips allows campers to develop closer friendships with other campers, because when campers are outside of their routine having fun, they bond. And, as we’ve discussed, bonding and forming lasting friendships are some of the greatest benefits of camp.

Camp Field Trips Are A Rite Of Passage

Camp field trips are also a rite of passage and a tradition at camp. Some camp field trips are consistent year after year, with campers looking forward to an annual pilgrimage to their favorite spot. Older campers add to the excitement by telling new campers what to look forward to. This also helps campers to bond with each other. The trips that are new to all campers make camp exciting for everyone, even the counselors!

Camp field trips also help campers process their camp experience, putting it into better perspective. Campers could go to any of the activities with their families, and they probably have. But experiencing these places with so many of their friends often redefines the experience for them. It also helps them to reflect on the relationships that made these experiences so much fun. So, when they do go to any of these activities with friends or family, they’ll always have their camp experience memories to reflect on!

Young People’s Day Camp Of Nassau Creates Memories That Will Last A Lifetime

Young People’s Day Camp of Nassau County has been providing fun, safe and educational camp field trips and experiences since 1972. Contact them for more information how your child can have a summer of trips to remember.








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