Why Your Child Can’t Get Enough Day Camp

You’ve read about statistical and quantitative research on how day camps help your child to become a better, more productive person with a higher quality of life. This is an essential part of why your child should go to camp. But the qualitative aspects of camp are important and they’ve been proven to make a … Read more

A Brief History Of Day Camp

Summer day camp is such an institution; sometimes we take it for granted. But camp, as we know it, has a rich and storied history. All of the traditions that we have come to know and love began somewhere, but most of us don’t know where. Here is a brief timeline of the history of … Read more

Why Attending Nassau County Summer Camp Benefits Your Child

Your child’s Nassau County summer camp can be one of the highlights of their summer, building positive memories that last a lifetime. Making a new best friend, exploring new ideas and experiences, going on trips and creating a structure that makes children feel secure can make a positive lasting impression on a child. Here Are … Read more