5 Reasons Nassau County Summer Day Camp Is Essential For Your Child

Have you ever thought about the Nassau County summer day camp experience that’s your favorite? Did you make great friends? Did you laugh until you cried with friends? Did you discover yourself on a trail ride? Did you discover a talent you didn’t know you had? Did you get a chance to perform in front of an applauding audience? Did you love the activities? Did you enjoy the special programs? Or was it just every experience all in one?

Nassau County Summer Day Camp: More Than Just An “Extra”

Did you ever think Nassau County summer day camp was a really nice “extra” to add to your child’s summer? What if we told you that your and your kids’ Nassau County summer day camp experience was more than just an “extra”? A study by the American Camp Association showed that kids who don’t attend summer camp are twice as likely to bouts of obesity and will have significant learning loss. If you don’t believe us, the ACA study reports five major benefits of summer camp.

When Your Child Attends Nassau County Summer Day Camp, They Will Feel:

  1. Competent And Accomplished
    Your child will feel more competent because they have a network of friends, staff and counselors behind them.
  2. Bonded And Connected With Others
    Kids who go to Nassau County summer day camp feel more connected and bonded because of the relationships they cultivated at camp.
  3. Motivated And Decisive
    Kids are more motivated to make decisions because they have ample practice choosing things activities and group mates at camp. The practice shapes children into more decisive adults.
  4. A Positive Sense Of Identity
    I sense of identity is at the core of how people relate to the world. Having a place where a child feels sage to develop their identity is the key to becoming a successful and secure person. Camp is one of the places where people care enough to allow kids to cultivate their identities.
  5. Independent And Confidant
    Through feeling competent and accomplished, bonded and connected to others, motivated and decisive, as well as feeling a positive sense of identity, campers develop a sense of confidence and independence that shapes how they view the world. It creates adults who will change the world in positive ways.

Are You Surprised? You’re Not The Only One

If you’re shocked if you never thought your Nassau County summer day camp could do that, you’re not the only one. There are lots of parents who think that day camp is just a bonus. But in reality, your child’s Nassau County summer day camp as a necessity. It will open doors to opportunities that will shape your child in positive ways. It will ensure tat your child becomes upstanding member of society.

Young People’s Day Camp of Nassau County Has shaped campers lives for over four decades

Young People’s Day Camp, the top rated Nassau County summer day camp, has been shaping the futures of summer campers for over four decades. Contact us for more information on how we can help your child to blossom and grow.

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