Labeling And Relabeling Day Camp Items

Because there are so many fun activities at camp, it can sometimes be difficult for kids to keep track of the things they bring to camp. The one piece of advice that every seasoned day camp parent agrees on is to label, label, and label some more. Label everything your child brings to camp with … Read more

How And Why Day Camp Can Work For Your Kid

Camp serves thousands of children every summer and the tradition of summer camp has endured for decades, but why is summer camp such a successful American institution? It’s not a magic formula, day camp in the North Shore allows kids your child to develop in different ways than during the school year. The structure and … Read more

Is Your Child Ready For Day Camp Registration?

You’ve visited websites, called references, asked local parents and maybe even visited the camps in your area. You’ve Google-mapped distances and you’ve compared camps with and without door-to-door transportation. You’ve made sure dates don’t conflict with vacation plans or family visits. Essentially, you’ve done your homework. There’s one last thing to consider, and it’s, by … Read more

5 Telltale Signs You Attended Day Camp

There are a lot of benefits to going to your Staten Island summer day camp! And when times get a little rough, or even just a little bumpy, camp spirit always shines through and you’ll consider yourself lucky you made it through with a camper. Here are 5 telltale signs you’re a day camper: You … Read more