JT Denninger is the new Camp Director of Young People's Day Camp of Brooklyn. As the director he will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of camp life. JT has a Physical Education degree from Hofstra University and currently teaches in Suffolk County. In addition to being a PE teacher, JT also coaches JV football and JV Basketball. Over the summers JT has spent many years assisting the director of a town recreation camp, and spent two summers as an Athletic Director of a sleep-away camp in Roscoe, NY. As the director of YPDC, JT will utilize  his knowledge of athletics and physical education to create a camp environment with a rich daily program including weekly special events that enhance campers' experience. JT, along with his wife Lindsay (Assistant Director), are very excited to bring their camping experience to the campers of Brooklyn. Can't wait for summer 2018!






Lindsay Denninger is the new Assistant Director of Young People's Day Camp of  Brooklyn. As the Assistant Director Lindsay will be responsible for assisting the director in all aspects of daily camp life. Lindsay has a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Education. She currently is a teaching assistant  in Nassau County and is taking up a Master's Degree in Camp Administration. As a child, Lindsay spent her summers at sleep-away camp. She also has worked in the camping industry, both day camp and sleep-away camps in upstate New York, where she worked her way up from counselor to leadership roles, for twelve plus years. Lindsay will utilize her knowledge of camp and leadership skills to create a FUN camp environment that fosters the campers emotional, social, and intellectual growth.